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Frequently Asked Questions

Read all your top questions about our hotel in Williamsburg Brooklyn

As one of the first lifestyle hotels in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, McCarren Hotel & Pool holds an enviable position among NYC area hotels. After all, we believe hotels are more than places to rest and recharge. The best and most engaging ones become an essential part of your lifestyle. Thanks to seasonal pool programming, a vibrant rooftop scene and exceptional dining experiences, McCarren has become just that to New York City’s socially inclined crowd. Stylish design and sophisticated amenities continue to set McCarren apart from the usual Brooklyn hotels, further establishing us as Williamsburg’s favorite business and leisure hub.  


Complacency just isn’t our thing. We believe the perfect hotel experience is constantly updating and evolving, and we’re always coming up with new ideas to keep it fresh. This is where you’ll find our latest and greatest, from announcements on upcoming socials and events to hotel news tidbits to blog posts on whatever happens to be on our minds at the moment.